Donate and Change a Life

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 53 million adults in the United Sates have at least one disability and 1/3 of all U.S. families have at least one member with a disability. At least 28% of all adults with disabilities live at or below the poverty level and the annual household income for an individual with an ambulatory, visual, self-care or independent living disability is less than $37,000. Additionally, people with disabilities usually incur substantially greater expenses related to medical care, education, special services, transportation, recreation, and even daily living than do persons without special needs. DDG is well aware of the financial demands with which many of our participants and families are struggling. DDG has also repeatedly witnessed the life changing impact one of our Service Dogs has on the lives of their participants; consequently, DDG is strongly committed to keeping our Service Dog services financially attainable through cost containment measures. Doggie Do Good, Inc. DDG's sister company, also provides tremendous financial support. Unfortunately, as hard as DDG works to keep their services financially attainable, for the majority of participants the costs are simply beyond their reach. DDG receives as many as a dozen inquiries per week from individuals who are unable to pay for services.

It is our hope that you lend your contribution, whatever it may be, to support the training of these remarkable, lfe-altering dogs.